Denver Post
“…you will cease drooling. You will collect yourself. And you will bow down before Lindsay Meredith.”
– Douglas Brown, Denver Post
“With the release of “You Don’t Know Me,” Lindsay Meredith’s transformation from garden variety singer-songwriter caterpillar to gypsy jazz butterfly is complete.”                                                                                                           
 – Eryc Eyl, Reverb
“…Meredith and her bandmates create a playful, spirited flavor of rock that deftly balances complexity and accessibility.”                                                                                                                                           
– Eryc Eyl, Reverb
Denver Westword
“Lindsay and The Lost Caravan’s Gypsy Rock Is Coming To A Coffee Sleeve Near You”
 – Kelsey Whipple, Denver Westword
Colorado Daily
“…created her own take on the genre.  The band goes by “The Lost Caravan” and the sound is Gypsy Rock.” 
– Ashley Dean, Colorado Daily
“It’s nearly impossible to sit still and not smile while listening.” 
– Eryc Eyl, Reverb
“Meredith’s nationally-acclaimed band collaboration…are excited to be featured among Colorado’s fresh, new music artists today…” 
“Meredith’s full, honey-throated vocals tinge their sound with romance and a touch of grit.” 
“One of Lindsay and The Lost Caravan’s tunes, Oh Yeah, gives me the enchanting audio deja-vu of Dire Straits’, Sultans of Swing.” 
– Tracy Greenhalgh,